Coiled Tubing Service Needs Investment

Because of the growing demand for directional drilling, also the use of coiled tubing service and latest technologies is increasing.This service needs engineering science, investment and employers’ support in case of salaries, contracts, and transparency in payments. By having the support of employers, contractors could supply better equipment and also train experienced personnel which will cause decreasing engineering related problems and also helps to perform and regulate appropriate structures. Another topic that should be mentioned is the privatization of equipment. The portable coiled tubing has three parts, including coiled tubing, the bottom hole assembly, and the main pulley. In the case of manufacturing and setting the coiled tubing up, lots of progress have been made especially during the sanctions. About the manufacturing of pulley, because of needing an exclusive technology, materials, and alloys, only some limited American companies could manufacture this instrument. Manufacturing such industries needs a powerful research and development section in universities and related service companies. The third part is related to bottom hole assemblies and most of the operations are related to this section. Because of immense diversity and complex facilities, lots of coiled tubing abilities had not been used in Iran and needs a special care. In the case of contractual issues, an item that could limit coiled tubing operation is the risk of operation or using accessories that are not been mentioned in the contract. This should be mentioned that the coiled tubing operation needs complicated engineering knowledge and may be too much of operation risks. However, the employer doesn’t consider such risksin some cases and pressuring on contractors may cause irreparable damages and the unwillingness of contractor for accepting some special services. By continuing such policies special abilities of this service may be neglected gradually and just being used as a routine service.

Author: Ehsan Tokalloo

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