Modernizing Asset Management

The importance of asset management is obvious in the current economic situations for different countries. All industries, all the verticals need to pay attention as much as they can to the new methods of such an important issue in a way to not only lower their costs, but also increase their productivity and increase the useful life of their assets.
This also works for a highly based on assets-industry like oil and gas in all its sectors, from downstream, mead stream to upstream.
Energy and oil and gas leaders have been doing their best to invent new and modern methods to manage their assets in a highly efficient way. We have to say also that, when we talk about asset management, we do not mean only physical asset management, but we also talk about financial, information, human assets and intangible assets; each of which need to be planned and organized with specific attention.
In this regard, our country not only in its oil and gas industry’s different sectors, but also in its other industries, have not planned and work on managing its assets in any kinds of the asset management. This makes the Iranian different industries much trouble because of many faults that they face without planning and organizing asset management.
Due to the importance of this issue, we have taken a look to different aspects of asset management in the oil and gas industry in this chapter with a focus on the modern methods that the energy leaders are working on.

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