Cementing Service

Cementing is one of the most influential services on the lifetime and integration of wells.

During cementing, annulus between casings/liners and well is filled with cement slurry having specific and designed features tailored for the existing conditions. After being hardened, the cement slurry plays different roles including protection of weak formations and casings against the imposed stresses and tension as well as corrosions stemmed from formation liquids, and layers hydraulic isolation especially in the productive zone of interest.Having miscellaneous conditions of cement slurry application, cementing operation is accompanied by several challenges. In this regard, cement slurry is specifically designed for each operation. Specific additives are employed in order to reach optimal design which is carried out by running numerous experiments in oil well cement laboratory.

One of the remarkable issues that are worthy to mention in this field is the employment of different classes of cement and additives according to the existing standards such as API, etc. Considering the necessity of highly practical and strategic cement additives compatible to Iran’s oilfields and reservoirs, it is essential to develop knowledge-based companies more than before so as to expand knowledge borders and localize the mentioned additives. This can lead to improvement in this field of drilling services that may finally result in the cementing quality enhancement and overall well construction.

In addition, making use of developed technologies related to the simulation of cementing operation and its calculations can make a contribution to the decrease of operation risk and more compatibility of operation execution with engineering principles. From this perspective, it is considerable to expand the use of such software and activity development in this field.

Soheil Saeedi

Cementing Expert

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