PEDEC Priorities Outlined

The CEO of Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) outlined the company’s priorities in the new Iranian calendar year which starts on March 21.

According to PEDEC, Touraj Dehghani said accelerating the development of joint oil fields was top on PEDEC’s agenda in the new Iranian year.

He said, “This year, given the special conditions that existed in the country, was a different year. The enemies of the establishment and the country, through sanctions and threats, tried to maximize the impact on the Iranian oil industry’s progress in order to stop Iran’s move forward, but despite the problems in the development of oil fields, especially in joint fields, we saw good achievements in the country.”

The official said that PEDEC would be primarily focused on development activities in the West Karoon region, adding, “We have achieved significant gains with the emphasis on supporting domestic manufacturers. What is certain is that according to the policies of the Supreme Leader and the missions that the government emphasizes, acceleration in the production and development of joint fields is of particular importance.

He said oil production from West Karoon region was expected to reach 350,000 b/d during the next calendar year.


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