Domestic Experts Build Major Oil Processing Structures

The CEO of the National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) announced completion of the second sulfur removal tower to be installed at Maroon Oil and Gas Production Company.

According to NISOC, the structure was fully designed, engineered and constructed in Iran, and is to be installed at the Industrial Complex No. 3 of Maroon Oil & Gas Production Company.

Ahmed Mohammadi expressed his satisfaction with the project which was carried out jointly by NISOC exports and a Khuzestan builder, saying: “Trust and partnership with the private sector have always been fruitful. And we see that this project, based on the technical expertise of our colleagues and the use of the skills of domestic manufacturers, was another valuable project in the performance report of the calendar year of 1397 of the National Iranian South Oil Company.”

He noted that three other oil sulfur removal towers were to be constructed with the aim of building facilities for processing and sweetening of 80,000 barrels/day of crude oil from the Asmari reservoir of Maroon, of which the first was was complete and was put into operation at Marun 3 and 5 units.


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