M&A in Rig Operation Industry


Melika Mohammadpour BD Expert   Technological and structural changes in the global economy and in the energy sector are among the requirements to diversify analytical studies of the energy economy, management and investment in industries, especially the oil industry. The upstream segment of the oil industry includes studies and actions related to exploration, drilling, exploitation, conservation of oil resources, transfer, ...

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The Iranian E&Ps: the road to maturity


Dr. Mohammad Ali Emadi, Deputy in Upstream Development Pasargad Energy Development Company How far are E&P companies from where they must be and how must this distance be covered in short- and long-term programs? Based on the needs of our country, a paradigm shift has been started for several reasons. One of these reasons is the changes in production conditions ...

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HSE training courses for workers in drilling industry


Oil and gas industry has always been pioneer in implementation of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) culture among its workers due to a very high-risk atmosphere comparing other industries like food, medicine, manufacturing, etc. Drilling is known as one of the most dangerous environments because of its congested area and heavy-duty equipment such as top drive, Blowout Preventer (BOP), winches, ...

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Cementing Service


Cementing is one of the most influential services on the lifetime and integration of wells. During cementing, annulus between casings/liners and well is filled with cement slurry having specific and designed features tailored for the existing conditions. After being hardened, the cement slurry plays different roles including protection of weak formations and casings against the imposed stresses and tension as ...

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Novel technologies in well testing


Investigation and measurement of produced oil, gas and water from wells play an important role in reservoir management and production enhancement. Though the well testing is an essential and beneficial operation, achieving accurate data in appropriate period of time could be challenging due to some reasons. The well testing operation is usually performed by means of test separators and other ...

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Radial Jet Drilling

radial jet drilling

There are many different methods to increase the efficiency of oil & gas wells production that along with progress and expansion of science have under gone changes and development. Radial Jet Drilling is a technique which utilizes hydraulic jet energy of fluids to drill lateral holes inside the reservoir. At present time in Iran, the rate of production has decreased ...

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Matching Drill Bit to Specific Drilling System /drive (Motor, RSS) through Design Process associated with simulation tools.


In order to produce a full suite of roller cone and PDC drill bits, it is essential to combine the most advanced knowledge and understanding of bit design with the latest manufacturing technology. Steerability and stability are two major characteristics of a qualified drill bit. A comprehensive design approach achieves the “sweet spot” of performance through capturing drilling requirements, identifying ...

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Examination of E&P Companies


Subsequent to the release and endorsement of the new upstream contract framework – Iran petroleum contract (IPC) – several companies with experience in different sectors of the Oil and Gas Industry took part in the appraisal process run by the Ministry of Petroleum. The purpose of this appraisal was the identification and shortlisting of qualified candidates to establish exploration and ...

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