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Southern Prescription for Development

#6-Drilling Magazine-2IPC model soutern

Mostafa Ashaari Oil and gas journalist Last fall, National Iranian South Oil Company began to present a new template for their field development plans. These contracts are significantly distinct from the IPC contracts and in a sense, they are more complicated. NISOC got NIOC permission to sign contracts with domestic and foreign contractor companies regarding 9 reservoirs which are located ...

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A review of IPC contracts; Structures and divisions


Iran has only been using the buy-back model till 2013. Despite the significant successes during the low oil price era, this contractual model had some unsatisfactory limitations; such as: lack of a reasonable connection with market changes, limited financial structure, and difficulty in change of scope depending on reservoir behavior. The new model was designed by considering all limitations. In ...

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Integrated Automation Operating Management System in Drilling Industry


In order to better implement technical safety and quality characteristics in this industry, a comprehensive automation system is needed to be applied for the integrated management of all operations in upstream industry. A comprehensive support system that is not only limited to HSEQ, but also includes other technical, operational, financial and project management sections, too. At the present, due to ...

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E&P Companies: Executives of Turnkey Contracts in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry


With the exploration of oil and gas in the last century and last decades, providing a suitable infrastructure with the highest efficiency of these God-given resources to explore and produce oil and gas was given secondary priority and oil-producing countries were seeking to produce and make use of these underground resources rapidly. Therefore, considering the fact that this profitable industry ...

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Roadmap to Success in HR


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to startup the car and not knowing where you would be traveling to or why you would be going there! This is why setting objectives is a fundamental component to short and long-term business success. The basic reason for this is that you can’t get where you are trying to go ...

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Iran’s Directional Drilling Market


Directional drilling in Iran is a young industry so that the first wells which have been drilled with directional drilling techniques to increase the productivity of wells, returns to 1992 in Gachsaran and Maroon Oil fields. In those years there wasn’t any Iranian private service company with the ability of drilling directional wells. So, the National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) ...

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Main Priorities in Project Management


In recent years, and especially in developing projects of South Pars, an increasing trend has been witnessed in applying project management knowledge in drilling projects. However, despite the fact that the drilling projects have high costs and are risky in comparison with other industries projects, they are in a poor condition in terms of an organization and implementation of the ...

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Coiled Tubing Service Needs Investment


Because of the growing demand for directional drilling, also the use of coiled tubing service and latest technologies is increasing.This service needs engineering science, investment and employers’ support in case of salaries, contracts, and transparency in payments. By having the support of employers, contractors could supply better equipment and also train experienced personnel which will cause decreasing engineering related problems ...

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