Info&Trend Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation; This phrase is being utilized more and more nowadays in di erent industries. In comparison with the other elds and industries, oil and gas industry did not go through this transformation in a same speed, but major international companies realized its necessity in competitive atmosphere of oil and gas.
As a result, it has been attempted to cover dif- ferent aspects of the transformations in oil and gas industries around the the world in di erent issues of magazine.
Previously we covered “Digitalization” chapter, referring to status of this process, so we will fo- cus on companies’ activities regarding digitali- zation in oil and gas industry. At rst we have investigated the state of this process (Digital Transformation) in di erent industries and com- paring it with oil and gas industry during the last years. After that we have investigated the total amounts of investments on Digitalization in oil and gas industry and obviously we have been focusing on Upstream Oil and Gas. This chapter investigate on the reports, published by Micro- soft and Accenture since last three years.



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