Digital Transformation

A Revolution Named Industry 4.0

4th industrial revolution, digital transformation, Industry 4.0, these are the keywords we are hearing too much nowadays. The paradigms, the way of doing works, the methods and processes are changing day to day in a way to optimize the operation, and increasing productivity, lowering costs and increasing efficiency. Also another thing that we hear very much these days, is a term called “Disruption”. Different companies in different industries, industry leaders are disrupting themselves and their methods and structures so that they can rebuild everything in a better and more creative way to create more value for their organizations.
In fact, today’s world is among a technological, industrial revolution that undoubtedly affects all the industries and businesses. The oil and gas industry is an undeniable part of the world economy, and digital technologies also perform a significant role in all divisions of the upstream and
downstream sectors of this important indus-try. Oil and gas industries need to upgrade their equipment, technology, and human capabilities to have better performance in the projects. To maximize value in this industry, accurate identification and analysis of its value chain are necessary. After crossing through human resources, natural and financial resources and consumer market, technology can be considered as the most critical factor in generating value and ambitious advantage of present and future times. In this regard, when we talk about modern technology, we cannot deny Industry 4.0 and its related technologies. In this regard, we have focused on different aspects of Industry 4.0 and its effects on oil and gas upstream industry in this chapter.

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